Relationship and Sexual Issues

Relationship and sexual difficulties can affect people at different stages in their lives. Our sexual responses can be altered by aging, life experiences, giving birth, finances, unemployment, children, elderly parents, family and illness. Sometimes when intimacy disappears from the relationship, communication fades and it is difficult to get things back to where you want them again.  

Sometimes we get to a stage in our relationships and all that is left is friction, continuous arguing, speaking and treating each other with little respect, noticeable lack of intimacy and behaving like strangers. 

Problems commonly dealt with are: Impact on relationship due to infidelity, illness or disability, loss of desire (libido), body image, erectile difficulties, ejaculatory problems, vaginismus (unable to have penetrative sex), Dyspareunia (painful sex), gender issues, sexual difficulties following abuse. 

 Sex addiction is increasing at a frightening rate amongst all age groups and there are many contributing factors to this increase for example, modern technology, easy access, opportunity or trauma to name but a few. If you feel your life is being controlled by your addictive behaviour and you are unable to stop I can help you to recognise what triggers your behaviour and help you to understand and learn new ways to combat that compulsion to act out again and again. If you are the partner, family member or friend to somebody with a sex addiction I can offer support and understanding, and some education and normalisation around addictive behaviour. 

Our relationships are being tried and tested continuously, as couples and individuals. It is when these changes become more difficult to address, that I can help by offering a safe place without judgement, interruption or fear where you can talk.  

If you are seeking counselling for relationship and sexual issues in Sale, please feel free to contact me on 07796 474405.