Well Road Therapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Sale

The picture on the right is “The Well Road”. Like many roads, and especially our road through life, it can be rough and smooth, warm and cold, dark and bright, colourful yet sometimes bleak.

counselling and psychotherapy sale

I feel Well Road Therapy provides a safe place for you, where we can walk together and unravel your thoughts and feelings along your journey of life.

Life gets on top of us from time to time and we all have different coping mechanisms. Well Road Therapy can help you unravel the thoughts going around in your head and help you focus, and see the path ahead.  

I believe it takes great courage to take the first steps towards therapy, and I really hope after looking through my website you will feel comfortable contacting me.

If you are seeking counselling or psychotherapy in Sale, please feel free to call me on 07796 474405.